Started in 2004 for extra classes for school students in Sri Lanka, this institute brought some changes over time. That means students who completed their school education were waiting for computer, English and vocational courses.

Knowing the needs of the students, the Board of Directors in association with the awarding bodies Edexcel, City & Guild, provided vocational education to the students. In addition, our campus also provided the ASAP program conducted by the Sri Lankan government. Ideal Campus has conducted various courses for around 12000 students.

Then our campus decided to offer degree programs in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, public university admissions are based on the students' performance in the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Examination.

Around 150,000 students passed in the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Examination every year in Sri Lanka. Out of which only 25000 students are selected for government universities. Some of the remaining 125,000 students go abroad for higher education. Some are looking for employment after completing their G.C.E A/L studies. Some are not making any plans. Some pursue degree programs in private educational institutions.

For Sri Lanka, graduation is essential education. So every student is seeking a degree. Based on this, the Ideal Campus introduced the degree program due to high demand for students.

Ideal Campus is proud to offer degree programs through universities accredited by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka.